Vanguard Creed

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Härlig markör av Vanguard. Kommer med pipkit, laddare, ölöppnare, insexnyckelkit, ...

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OBS markören är dust och !INTE! gloss som på bilden!

The Vanguard Creed is the culmination of three years research and development of air flow dynamics and electropneumatic control systems. 


- Body milled from solid billet, gun drilled for accuracy then surface machined on state of the art milling machines.

- Integrated hi-flow reg easy to strip and maintain. Enclosed insert design allows for future upgrades.

- Power-efficient design with rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery supplying 100,000+ shots per charge

- Charging Mains, travel & emergency chargers included - Charges through USB port on back of grip, no need to open up frame

- Custom low profile MAC Noid with hi flow porting, no need for QEV's

- Advanced air valve technology gives smoother air path reducing operating pressure and increasing efficiency.

- Color OLED display giving you all the information at your fingertips

- Pneumatic S-Ramvalve system allows for easy strip rammer system while keeping the length and weight of the marker down.

- Settings adjustable using on board display, computer based interface* and remote touch screen config box.**

- Vanguard Creed has both mac and pc interface.

- Advanced mode customization for compliance with all current and future tournament or field rules.

- 32Mbit on-board flash storage for settings and data.

- Expansion port for future upgrades.

- Advanced programming and security.

- USB updates and data downloads to private secure space on the Vanguard server allowing techs to professionally diagnose the marker.

- Computer based updates of settings (Presets, ROF, dwell etc).

- Unique 1 piece bore design, included with gun:
Vanguard Creed 14" .689 Barrel
Vanguard Creed 14" .693 Barrel
Vanguard Creed 16" .693 Barrel

Cocker Threaded Barrel Back