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The eNMEy offers tournament-proven spool-valve performance at an entry level price.

BACKORDER - Due to extreme demand the eNMEy is on back-order, expected until January 2013

With no hammer, mainspring or batteries the all pneumatic eNMEy is the perfect marker for new players or field rental.


Hammer free pneumatic design
Semi automatic firing mode
Mulit-Gas Operation
Light Pneumatic Trigger
Simple Maintenance with bolt out back design
Low Bolt Pressure Anti-Chop technology
Field Legal
Seal Forward Technology
Max-Flo R Vertical Regulator
Vertical Feed Breech – Clamping Feedneck
Standard GOG Barrel Thread


The following items are available to buy separately for maintenance and repair:

GR33SE Lubricant
Screw Kit – G-1/eNVy/SP-1/Vibe
Seal Kit – G-1/eNVy/SP-1/Vibe
Detent Kit

Upgrades and Accessories:

The following items are available to buy separately:

Firebolt – eXTCy, Ion Bolt Compatibility
Dovetail Adaptor
Quick Grip Panel Poppers
Grip Covers
Barrels – Inline, Tactical, The Freak and Freak Junior