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Virtue Spire 260 Shell Only


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Har du ett vanligt Virtue Spire och vill ha "more balls"? Då är detta skalet perfekt för dig! Skalet rymmer 60 paintballs mera en lille borsan. OBS!! Endast skal!

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  • True 260™ Capacity
  • Approx. 1/2” Taller than std. Spire
  • Holds 45% More Paint than Competing Loaders at the Same Size.
  • Interchangeable Parts with std. Spire.
  • Control the Breakout
  • Dominate Your Opponents While They’re Reloading
  • Stay Tucked in Tight with a Low Profile
  • Reload at the Right Time Every Time
  • Easier Reloads with No Wasted Paint