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Världens största paintballmagasin. Med 2000 kulor har du inga problem att hålla dina motståndare på avstånd eller att pricka av ett helt gäng.

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Maxxloader™ is an innovative backpack paintball loader that allows you to comfortably carry more balls than any other loader on the market. It also improves your gameplay by allowing you to focus on the target 100% of the time by not needing to reload during the games.

When you purchase the Maxxloader™ 2000 you will get:

  • Maxxloader™ backpack with robust storage container (2,000+ paintballs capacity) – only available in OLIVE
  • High-tech feeding mechanism, designed and patented in Germany
  • Feeds up to 22 balls per second
  • Re-chargeable battery that can easily provide power for more than 100,000 shots
  • Feed Adapter with LED indicators
  • Adjustable hose to connect the Maxxloader™ to your marker
  • Battery level status indicator
  • Maxxloader™ charger with adapter for Europe and U.S.
  • Detailed user manual in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and German
  • Warranty card for online registration
  • Our present to you: High quality carrying system for backpack and for large pressure bottle