Exalt Lens Case


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Protect your expensive replacement paintball lenses with an Exalt Universal Carbon Lens Case. Paintball lenses can get scratched or even destroyed when loose in a gear bag. The Exalt Lens Case is a rigid carrier that will hold three or more lenses with microfiber separators for scuff-free security. The center of the case has a separate compartment for your removed tank regulator when flying or other valuables. A carabineer clip allows hanging from your backpack.

  • Universal design holds all high-end goggle lenses
  • Carry three or more lenses
  • Heavy-duty compression molded PU carbon construction
  • Ultra-plush microfiber lining prevents scratching during transport
  • Rigid laminated exterior products lenses from being scratched or scuffed
  • Additional auxiliary storage zippered storage compartment
  • Custom lazered carabiner included